All tuition for the Academy is based upon the season  and not by the individual month or class.   Tuition may be paid in 9 monthly installments or by 2 semester payments at a 10% discount.   Monthly tuition is due on the first day of each month.  All tuition payments received after the 10th of the month must include a $10 late fee.  There are no discounts for missed lessons.  We do give generous discounts for families!  Special Rates apply to all adult classes.

Registration Fee:  $25 per student  (due annually prior to enrollment)

These are the Rates for our Regular 2013-14 School Term

 Rates: (9 installments Sept-May)  

1-45 minute class - $60  (9 installments) 

1-Hour combo class - $68 (9 installments)

2nd Class (or 2nd Child) - $36  (9 installments)

3rd Class (or 3rd Child) - $30 (9 installments)

4th Class (or 4th Child) - $24 (9 installments)

Any Additional - $24 (9 installments)

Scheduled Private Lessons - $120    (9 installments)

Unscheduled Privates - $35 per half hour  (paid by lesson)